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Over years of shooting the human figure I noticed that often people are self conscious of their scars.  This became apparent as people would "apologize" for their scars which would have to be touched up in order to be removed from final images.  In many cases I'd have to search long and hard to find the scar in a given image.  I realized that scars loom much larger in people's minds than they appear in reality.  Often the trauma or other experience of obtaining the scar plays a large role in amplifying the scar in the mind.


This realization led me to embark on a series of capturing scar portraits and their corresponding stories.  There is no doubt that the journey and not the destination is the true experience in this series.  Through it I've met many courageous people who have overcome adversity and people who have celebrated joyously.  I've been told that the shoot experience can be freeing and a therapeutic experience for the subject, a part of their healing process.



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